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As a commercial photographer, my website is the portal to new clients, the connection to repeat clients and a path of discovery to accidental clients. I was impressed when Steve was able to take my vision for a new website and make it a reality with enhanced features I did not even think of. His suggestions to regarding the mechanics of what is needed for optimum ranking in a Google search was a most valuable benefit. While my site is based on imagery, his expert recommendations regarding text and blogging, encouraging me to learn the tools so I could maintain the new website myself, has been indispensable. I would recommend Steve without hesitation, to build, advise on and host your website. Success begins with an effectual online presence.​

Craig Augustine

Website design notes:

Craig Augustine is an artist that uses a camera instead of a paintbrush and canvas. One of the pictures he selected for his website was so good that I had to ask him if it was a computer-generated image; I was wrong; the picture was just that good!

When we started the website, Craig had some examples of others he liked. These websites were very visual and presented the photography as the main feature with limited text. This presented a challenge for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Working with Craig, we came up with the idea that everything would be in black and white except for the photos. Craig picked out some of his very best pictures from each category of his work, and we added them into the slider of the home page. Then we put the rest of the images he picked out in a gallery next section. Once a picture in the gallery is clicked, the user can click through all of the other photos on that page.
Once the website visitor has scrolled past the gallery, we added text for them to read, but more importantly, for the SEO.

Once the site was live, I trained Craig to edit his website and blog using categories and tags. He has been consistently blogging for the past few years, which has helped drive traffic to his website.

Steve Heuser


textured paper product wavey by Craig Augustine

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  1. Craig Augustine

    This was good to read the breakdown of history and process related to my website. The primary merit, once the site was up and running was the training and encouragement to stay involved through the blog, replacement of images and easy communication with my site’s creator gave me control.


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