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When we purchased our business, there was an existing website that piggy-backed off the corporate website.  The website was adequate however, there were broken links between the local and corporate websites with no customer service available to correct the issues.  After meeting with Steve and discussing our situation, Steve proposed several updates to fix existing issues and further enhance the website.  A new website was created that ties into the corporate website for technical data and our Interactive Door View Feature.  The new website is now more user friendly and has more options for us to utilize and expand.  In addition to the new website, Steve has been readily available to address issues.  We had an issue with our Domain that took our website offline.  Steve immediately worked with our IT group and brought the website back online in short notice.  The web site design and behind the scenes service from Brook Web Works has been outstanding!
Bill & Julie Theys

Overhead Door Company of Appleton had a website that their corporate marketing department controlled. They were having problems with getting updates and changes to the website. They asked Brook Web Works to build a new website that they could make changes on. The corporate marketing department had images and text that we could use on the new website. They also had several requirements for the branding that they required of their franchises.

For the Residential Garage Door page, OHD wanted a list of the most popular doors for people to see. Once they found a door they liked, it would take them to the PDF of the corporate marketing website and still keep them on the OHD Appleton website.

On the Commercial Door page, they wanted a picture of the Greenville Fire & EMS building that they had recently completed. We photographed the new building shortly after it was completed in the early morning light. Then we used that image as the background to the header with a gradient overlay to read the text easily.

Overhead Door Company of Appleton also wanted the new website to look like a garage door coming down when anyone came to the site. We were able to do this with a text animation style effect to give the appearance of a garage door coming down.

Steve Heuser


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